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Clucking flatpack

I only ordered the coop on Friday night and it arrived Tuesday afternoon. I got home from work to find hubby and the kids had started assembling it and the job was quickly delegated to me. Flat pack is horrendous at the best of times, the instructions were clear enough but all the little clips on the run were doing my head in, my thumbs were bruised by the time we were done. Luckily hubby got back home and helped me or I think I would have still been slaving away at midnight.

We chose the Eglu Cube by Omlet, it is not cheap but thought the timber ones would deteriorate quickly and the plastic construction would be easy to clean. It also has the separate nesting box section and looked really easy to move, which we plan to do a lot to prevent the grass from getting destroyed (ok we have high hopes ask us again in 6-12 months).

Finally finished at around 7pm, slightly harder to move that I was expecting due to how plush our grass is, but won't be moving it as far in practice so should be fine.

That's the "Eggport" on the side there that gives you access to the freshly delicious eggs.

The whole rear opens up for cleaning and there is a slide out tray for easy cleaning. It's going to be quite a few weeks before the ladies can move in but in the meantime they are having some playtime in the run area on sunny afternoons so they can stretch, run and flap a bit... so far so good!


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Finding their wings

The feathered kids spent most of the day inside today while hubby and the kids ran some errands, luckily there was still some late afternoon sun so I could take them out for some play time. Almost a week old now and growing up so fast, Mrs Egg and Goldie have both sprouted tail feathers and all of them have developed new wing feathers and love to try them out.

They are also getting more used to their human family, they love to snuggle already and a nice belly rub. They relax very quickly in your hands and like to have warm little snoozes on your lap while you watch tv. They are also starting to use the perch in their box a bit. We have upgraded them to a slightly larger box and have fixed the food container to the side.

Growing so clucking fast

Baby chickens are like weeds, they grow so clucking fast it's not funny. I think you could almost sit and watch them grow. Each day I notice something new or different about them. Over the course of the past week Vanessa has even changed colour!

Initially when we were out choosing the chickens I was worried that the kids in particular had picked two that were quite similar in colour and thought that as they grew it might become difficult to tell them apart. Vanessa (closest to the camera) was only a tiny bit more yellow than Mrs Egg (with her rear to the camera) and they both had white looking feathers on their wings, with Mrs Egg just a tiny bit more pristine white.

Left to right: Mrs Egg, Winona, Goldie and Vanessa

Fast forward two days later and Vanessa has started sprouting ginger feathers on her chest and above her wings. Currently her wings are beige.

Another day or two and Vanessa is looking very different indeed. Now she is colouring up more like Goldie, let's just sa…